Recording for October 05, 2023 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

  • Currently on L-2 Visa, can I apply for I-485 (priority date not current)? Can I get EAD and travel documents with I-140 approved? || B-1/B-2 application pending. Can I apply for Form I-485 to adjust status? Can I apply for an E-2 Visa?
  • Brother's EB2-India I-485 is pending, and PD retrogressed. Can my brother's wife apply for I-485? How long is the GC decision process? What documents are required at the POE (Port of Entry)?
  • On CPT and picked for H-1B 23-24 lottery with approved I-797, can I leave the country for stamping?
  • Currently in the US on an L-1B visa with an approved I-140, PD 2009 from my previous employer, who was acquired by my current employer in 2012. What are my options to file PERM or directly file I-485?
  • H-1B visa, options for transfer/file amendment, or extension.
  • Converted from H-1B visa (valid till Sept 2025) to B-1 visa (valid till Jan 2024) after losing my job. After my B-1 visa expires, can I apply for B-1 again, or do I need to change from H-1B to B-1? What are the travel options on a B-1 visa?
  • Medical residency on H-4 visa and convert from H-4 to H-1B visa during the residency.
  • Working with two employers on OPT STEM, got picked in the second round of H-1B with the first employer, who did consular processing. Options for concurrent filing for H-1B.
  • Options for the Green Card while in the USA on L-1A with I-140 approved. Options for L-2 to L-1A visa migration.
  • Can I convert from an H-4 to J-1 visa and get the 2-year return bond to the country waived off?
  • Got picked for H-1B, employer also filing L-1A blanket visa. What are my options?
  • H-1B renewal after a long gap with a pending court order.
  • Worked in the U.S. on H-1B and have an approved I-140 in EB-2 (India) with a March 2012 priority date. Moved to Canada in August 2017 for Canadian PR (I have 1 year left on H1). I am a Canadian citizen now and would like to find out options to come back to the U.S. on H-1B and continue my GC process.
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