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Cap-exempt to cap-subject H-1 H-1B revoked by the USCIS - impact on quota/lottery exemption Doing business on AOS EAD and on H-4 EAD/extension I-485 pending laid off just before getting the green card F-1 to H-1B lottery - transfer and changing jobs from employer A to employer B

Other Topics :

Filing Green Card/ Naturalization for our Single Parent. Filed H-1B along with H-4/H-4 EAD extensions, premium processing, travel, and USCIS expedite request for spouse's H-4 EAD Incorrect priority date on receipt notice, job change after I-140 approval and derivative spouse (GC EAD) working under husband's work visa EB-2 I-140 approved, spouse's EAD and H-4 extension in progress and repercussions of working with another employer in India for more than 5 years Dropbox eligibility for H-1B stamping I-485 filed with I-140 EB-3 downgrade, biometrics appointment and possible upcoming travel to India DUI and I-485 approval H-1B travel and expired H-1B stamping

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