Sept 21, 2022, Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics

Options for a career break on H-1B visa with approved I-140 and considerations for H-4, travel, and part-time work || Considering further education and employment alternatives for F-1 CPT visa holders post H-1B lottery denial || Employment changes and I-140 filing in the green card process with an approved PERM labor certification/Employment Changes during the green card process: Impact on PERM and I-140 filing || USCIS email notice regarding visa petition processing and NVC contact requirements || DS-160 form: Address for H-1B work location - Office or work from home? || Coping with I-94 confusion following recent travel to Canada: Seeking resolution and future steps || I-485 employment-based adjustment of status interview pending: Balancing relocation plans and interview attendance || Visa solutions for relocating to the USA for business purposes: Seeking alternatives to ESTA for sustainable work arrangements || Immigration considerations after expungement of retail theft charges: F-1 STEM extension, H-1B visa, green card, and port of entry issues || Name change evidence for Form N-400: Options when legal documents are unavailable || Green card holder's stay in India after EB-1C category: Duration and residency requirements || Using paystubs with short-term disability for H-1 transfer during FMLA leave: USCIS implications || USCIS form G-1450 payment authorization issue: Next steps in the green card application process for parents


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