Ph.D. M.Sc. in Endocrinology/Zoology

 We won this case following a response to a Request for Evidence. Service requested further clarification on the "permanency" of the job offer, which was with a University. We submitted the HR policies/procedures documentation to show that the position was permanent and met the Service requirements. Letters from the HR as well as the Department were submitted to show that the position would continue and that funding was available to support this position. Applicant had over twenty-three years of research experience and as a result had a vast list of notable publications and presentations of her research. We provided documentary evidence to show the significant impact her research had on the field. She had an extensive list of noteworthy academic awards and fellowships at very prestigious research universities. We were able to provide expert letters from very prominent institutes in the world that highlighted her work as undoubtedly innovative, pioneering and as having significant impact on the field.

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