Physician's NIW/Complex facts

Our client recently received his green card after a long journey with USCIS. He approached us following a denial of his I-140 (NIW, physician in medically underserved area). The applicant had filed the I-140 and I-485 and then moved to a different state while the applications were pending. There had been no action on the file for 2 years. He submitted a service request with USCIS requesting a status update. USCIS issued a Request for Evidence shortly after the applicant’s move, which was sent to the original address and ultimately returned undelivered. USCIS issued the denial based on the applicant’s employment in a new medically underserved area not identified in the initial petition. Applicant had submitted Form AR11 with USCIS noting his move to another state.

We submitted an MTR/Appeal explaining the law and noting that the applicant had moved following his completion of his J-1 waiver 3-year requirement and had a valid Employment Authorization Document to work for the new employer.  We also submitted an Amended I-140 Petition, which reflected employment with the new employer. We provided verification of his completion of 3 years of medical service (J1 period) and documentation to show current full-time employmet  We provided verification of his completion of 3 years of medical service (J1 period) plus documentation to show current full-time employment with several rural clinics as well as a private practice. The MTR was granted and the Amended I-140 was approved following a Request for Evidence.  USCIS asked for further verification of the health professional shortage area of the various clinics as they were located in several different counties. Due to the unique employment arrangement of the applicant as a contractor for the clinics, USCIS required additional employment verification. Ultimately the I-140 was approved. Following that, his green card (I-485) was also approved.


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