L1A – Multinational Manager

We won a case following a Request for Evidence that requested additional proof of the relationship between the entities, verification of employment abroad in a managerial role for one continuous year prior to entering the US, as well as additional details of the proposed managerial position in the U.S. Initially we submitted documentation to establish the relationship between the U.S. and foreign entity that included a share certificate, an organizational chart to show the relationship and owner interest as well as a Master Services Agreement that outlined the working relationship between the two entities. In response to the RFE, we submitted the Articles of Incorporation which indicated the share owner interest as well as the stock transfer ledger. In response to Service’s question regarding employment abroad for one full year, we re-submitted the pay vouchers for the full year as well as a letter from a representative from the foreign entity confirming the beneficiary’s employment for the relevant period of time.  We addressed the question regarding the managerial role in the U.S. by supplying the full names, job titles, job duties description, educational level and salary amount for each subordinate as well as a detailed organizational chart showing the hierarchy, a very detailed job duties chart outlining each managerial task and the percentage of time allotted to each task as well as a day-to-day breakdown of a typical day for the beneficiary in his role as a Computer and Information System Manager.


Nonimmigrant Visas

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