Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Materials Science, EB1/AEA

We won a case for a Materials Scientist who had over 11 years of research experience. His expertise was in the field of solar and hydrogen powered energy. We provided documentary evidence to show that his extensive list of publications was in prestigious international journals with high impact factors. We also showed that as a result of his innovative and pioneering work, he was invited to present his findings at a large number of conferences/workshops and symposia. This applicant also qualified under contributions to his field, as he not only published significant work, but also collaborated with many prestigious research institutes around the world. He also received over 5 notable awards with very competitive criteria and was the recipient of numerous grant awards. We were able to provide substantial documentary evidence to show that this applicant published, contributed, received national and international awards of distinction and was called upon as a leading expert to judge the work of others.

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