PERM - Labor Certification

MTR approved by DOL on engineering issue

USDOL had denied a series of cases for many employers represented by various law firms. The ground of denial was that when "engineering" was one of the acceptable majors for an IT job, that created too much ambiguity for a case to be approved. DOL stated that there are fields of engineering, such as Agricultural Engineering, which are clearly inapplicable to IT positions.

This ruling had become a nation wide issue. 


PERM Proof of Advertising Materials

We represented a consulting company and their employee, a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst.  USDOL had denied PERM certification after an audit holding that we had failed to submit tear sheets from our Sunday advertisements.  We filed the appropriate motion establishing that it was highly likely, if not certain, that the tear sheets were in fact submitted.  We provided evidence from our files, affidavits, and proof of our firm’s normal business practice.The case was approved in less than three weeks.


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