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Dear Rajiv I am very much delighted to say that I received my Employment based permanent residency status last week. Hats off to you and your excellent team for having done this for me within 19 months. I never ever dreamed that I would get this status within such a short time. Throughout this period I never had a feeling that your office is somewhere hundreds of miles away as I got all the work done electronically within minutes, which would not have been possible even if I had an Attorney’s office in my neighborhood. I highly appreciate the excellent work, responsibility and the best & fastest communication delivered by you & your team. Also, kindly accept our heartfelt thanks for maintaining such a wonderful web site IMMIGRATION.COM, which is the best site I ever used to obtain real immigration related experiences & information. Please convey my wishes and thanks to Subha, Shivane, Leila and all others who did a splendid job related to my Green card and Sirisha, Charu & Rena related to my H1B renewal. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM. Thanks again. MT

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