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Rajarshi (Raj) & Satarupa
Kansas City
United States

We just did recently receive our US Green Card (EB2) for both my wife and me. Keeping all those melodrama apart, in short, is extremely pleased and has no words to express ourselves. We want to thank everyone working with Law Offices of Rajiv ( and especially Mathew, Suman-Ji, Bharathi, Anna, Rita and last but not the least Rajiv himself. On a true note, they are extremely professional and super prompt in answering any of your stupidest questions on Immigration. Rajiv is extremely desperate in taking cases through to positive destiny using and interpreting every piece of immigration law that according to me, a lot of his competitors would try and avoid.

In last 6-years they have done our multiple successful H1B/H4 renewals, this Green Card case, and hopefully would be the one helping us on our US Citizenship process, about 5-years from now.

All of you guys out there, if you have any immigration issues, and want a little piece of mind, please do not wait. schedule an immediate appointment with them and be happy from thereon.

Just for information, our US born baby girl is about 2.5 months old now. Once she grows up a bit, would surely want to pay them a visit. We wish them all the very best as of now and in future.

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