Guestbook Entry for Jacob Paul, United States

Jacob Paul
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Work:  H-1B Visa Petitions Can you contact me as a Reference:  YES! Comments:  Anna Baker and Fran Fisher have helped a number of my employees obtain H-1B Visas as well as file for extensions of existing H-1B Visas, with a 100% success rate!  I believe we've now succesfully filed 10(at least) Visa petitions and extensions with them, and they've made the process incredibly easy for me.  Even during the stressfull times of having to respond to RFE's, they always manage to successfully guide me through the process and ensure approvals.  And while my knowledge of the immigration and H-1B petitioning process is minimal, to say the least, they always thoroughly explain everything to me, no matter how silly my questions are.  They promptly respond to my emails on a daily basis and are incredibly professional from start to finish.  No matter how many curveballs I throw their way; whether it's telling them someone's Visa expires in 3 weeks and we need to file for an extension immediately, or if we're missing a critical document requested by USCIS, they ALWAYS have a solution that ultimately results in an approval.  I cannot recommend their team highly enough, and my employees cannot thank them enough for all of their hard work in ensuring their ability to live and work here in the US.  I just hope Rajiv gives them plenty of vacation time, because they deserve it :-)

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