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My wife H4 was expired and we realized about it one year after it has been expired. This has happened because my previous employer filed just my H1 and they never filed H4 for my wife. After realizing the situation my current employer filed through our company lawyer and H4 was denied. I have been looking around for another lawyer, who had success in handling this kind of case. I didn't find one single lawyer who can assure me of fixing my wife visa or who had success in the past. I sent an e.mail to Rajiv and surprisingly I got call from him the very next day and he told me about the success they had in the previous cases. We filed for my wife H4 along with my 7th year extension. Miraculously her H4 was approved by CIS. This has just happened definitely because of the excellent background work done by Rajiv and his team. The timely response from Rajiv,Jitesh,Ursula,Anna & Seth is extremely impressive. I recommend anybody to deal your immigration issue with Rajiv and his team. These guys are just awesome. Overall I am very happy that we chose Rajiv firm.

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