Guestbook Entry for Vishalkumar Patel, United States

Vishalkumar Patel
North Dakota
United States
PERM Experience

"When I join Rajiv Khanna and speak to Amrita about green card process somehow i got  feeling that I am in good hand for green card".  It is really nice to work with Rajiv Khanna's Law Office and people who works there. Specially Amrita whom I am working with my green card process. She gives really good response, explanation on the phone and email and give enough time to discuss questions and issues that I have. She does conference with Rajiv Khanna when needed for discussion. I have got my PERM approved in this process. It is really nice experience while working with them. They go through case very  deeply and  discuss pros and cons with us so you get better picture.  Thanks for all you do Vishalkumar Patel

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