Guestbook Entry for Kashif Bootwala, United States

Kashif Bootwala
United States

I had my green card filed through my employer and got the opportunity to work directly with Bharathi Gajjala, one of the attorneys/Case manager at the Rajiv S. Khanna law firm and I couldn't have asked for a better person to handle my case. She was always available to take my calls and answer any of the multiple questions I had in great detail, and never failed to return my calls and emails whenever I was not able to reach her. From EB2 case to having a green card in hand was super fast since Bharathi was always on top of my case. Mr. Rajiv was super accommodating with any queries that was routed thru Bharathi. My process went by really fast and I attribute that to the diligent work that Bharathi performed. I won't hesitate to recommend my friends and colleagues to this Rajiv S. Khanna law firm for any of the services they provide. NOW I HAVE A GC IN HAND :) Can't be more happy.

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