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United States

Rajiv and team was an excellent support and a great help for one of GC case.

Case: The applicant is working with company A and have I-140 under EB3. Applicant want to move to other company and want to port the priority date under EB2. Solution: Rajiv and team (Art) have created a customized plan to achieve this success. Rajiv was personally involved to make sure all the paper works are correct. Based on his 25 years experience and a novel team he could able to successfully port the new I-140 under EB2 with older priority date. Not only that, he also filed the I-485 along with new I-140. His fee for the whole process was very competitive. More over that, he and his team support in through out the process was unparalleled. He and his team was always answered the question asked without any delay. This is great service providing by your firm and making sure every case is managed under the immigration law of this country and open the path for more legal immigration like this applicant. Thanks!

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