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AS and SG
United States

I reserve only the highest praise for Rajiv Khanna and Heather Crump who helped us throughout the immigration process. It is rare to find legal services provided in as friendly and supportive a manner as rendered by Rajiv and Heather. Both Rajiv and Heather gave generously of their time and expertise and answered all our questions promptly, clearly, and completely.

Rajiv's approach is warm and personal, not cold and clinical, and he constantly provided the sort of big-brotherly, yet highly professional, support that put us at ease through every step of our immigration. With Rajiv on our side, we were quite confident of having our family-based green card application approved, even though ours was a somewhat unconventional case.

We were equally lucky to be assigned to Heather whose positive attitude, kind words, and personable nature brightened up many of our days.

Judging from the high quality of legal services we received, it is not surprising that the "Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna" are spoken of so highly.

I strongly recommend the "Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna" to my friends and family for expert legal help! You will be in good hands!

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