Guestbook Entry for Patel, China

Hong Kong

Mr. Rajiv Khanna, Mr. Kunal Sharma and the rest of the team have been very patient and extremely supportive.

I had filed for my immigrant visa through my spouse, and it was quite complicated. Couple of the other lawyers we spoke to said that there are no chances in winning this case, but Mr Khanna was firm, that the fundamentals are right and thus we have a good chance. Finally, after 2 long years, my immigrant visa has been approved.

What impressed me the most is the Mr. Khanna would immediately schedule an appointment (no charge, of course) every time there was some news from the immigration office or from my side. Even during the final stages, I had asked him a few questions regarding my DS-260 as i was very nervous, he scheduled an appointment immediately and told me exactly what to answer in each question. They made me feel as if I was their only customer. Excellent effort and care for each case by the team, and I would surely refer his firm to everyone.

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