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Short: I found Mr. Rajiv Khanna to be a very competent and knowledgeable attorney, his firm has great processes, which I think increased the chances of success for my application. I recommended Mr. Rajiv Khanna and his firm highly. Detailed: I work in a law firm (not immigration law), and am very impressed with Mr. Rajiv's practice, the level of personal attention he provides, the efficiency with which my application was prepared, the promptness of his staff, transparency and fairness about costs involved, the amount of information on his website, and his forthcoming nature in understanding the case, explaining the options and providing recommendations.

Mine was an individual case - for L1 visa application, which was approved without a hitch. Unlike blanket L visa cases for big companies, every individual case has several small 'unique situations' that need due care while being described. I found that the law firm of Mr. Khanna is very well geared up to handle such cases. At the point my application was submitted, I was already confident that it was in good shape, and had captured all the information that needed to be there. Thanks to Mr. Khanna and his staff, I had all reasons to expect a successful outcome. I have used other immigration attorney's services, and not that I was unsuccessful with them or disliked them, but there is a difference in the way Mr. Rajiv Khanna's firm handles their matters, which, in my view, makes a big difference both to the quality of the applications, and very likely the outcome.

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