USCIS Reminder on E-Verify Record Disposal

  • Have you been using E-Verify more than 10 years?

    If yes, please download the new “Historic Records Report” before Dec 31, 2014.

    Effective January 1, 2015, E-Verify transaction records more than 10 years old will be deleted from the system. You will no longer have access in E-Verify to cases you created prior to December 31, 2004.

    E-Verify has created a new Historic Records Report. If you want a record of your cases that are over 10 years old, you must download the new Historic Records Report before December 31, 2014. The report will include all transaction records for cases more than 10 years old. The report is only available until December 31, 2014.

    It is a best practice to record the E-Verify case verification number on the relating Form I-9. Employers are encouraged to also retain the Historic Records Report with the Form I-9.

    If you were not using E-Verify on or before December 31, 2004, you need not download the report. There will be no records to report.

    Will E-Verify delete records annually?

    Yes, E-Verify will delete transaction records more than ten years old annually.

    Employers will be advised each year when the Historic Records Report is available for downloading.

    For more information and guidance on downloading see the Fact Sheet and Instructions.

    Please do not reply to this message. See our Contact E-Verify page for phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

    Apply to use the E-Verify logo: Complete and submit the License Application for the Use of the E-Verify Trademark.



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