Recording for April 25, 2024 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

1) H-1B lottery layoff before start, Automatic status change, Multiple filings, and Traveling
2) Layoff during Self-NIW application, changing jobs with NIW not yet filed, pending, or approved
3) What is Cap Gap extension? How does it work?
4)Is it COS to change from cap-exempt H-1B to cap H-1B?

Other Topics: Medical leave during H-1B transfer with no paystubs || L-2 work authorization & travel during pending L-1A extension || Data Scientist: H-1B alternatives & job title impact (publications, less than 3 years experience) || H-1B expiring: Unused visa & potential renewal / Applying for B-1/B-2 as tourist || H-1B concurrent filing with spouse's LLC (work from home, feasibility & Alternatives) || H-1B selected with STEM OPT expiring soon (cap-gap & layoff options)

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