05 August 2021: Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics, Thursday, August 05, 2021:

FAQ: What Happens if H-1B Employer Revokes a Quota H-1B Before October 1? || Multiple Employers or Jobs on I-485 EAD|| How Long Can You Be Unemployed on AOS EAD/AP? || Taking a Long Break After Receiving Employment-Based Green Card || Downgrading EB2 to EB3 for Both Husband and Wife and CSPA or Derivative Beneficiary for Daughter.

Other: I-130 Applied in F-4 Category: Bringing to USA Sibling with Medical (mental) Issues ||Options While H-4 EAD Extension Pending || Reentry Permit Process and Covid 19 Vaccination || AC21 Regulations: Covid 19 Layoffs, Lump Sum Severance and Supplement J or Request Job Portability || Maintaining H-1B Status While Getting an MBA Full Time || Employer's Attorney, Lost My I-797 Approval Notice || Converting from H-4 EAD Visa to H-1B Visa || ​ || and more.


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