Recording of June 23, 2022, Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

Discussion Topics:

FAQ: Consequences of unauthorized employment generally, and for F-1 visa students particularly || Denial of downgrade I-140 on the basis of the employer's ability to pay; impact on approved EB-2 and pending I-485? || H-1B visa stamping: is it required? Can an H-1B visa be obtained while remaining in the US? Can an H-1B visa be rejected? || How can we keep the immigration benefits of an approved I-140 (priority date and the right to extend H-1B beyond six years through any employer)? || Can we file more than one AC21 portability Supplement J if we continue changing employers? || How can we expedite the filing of a PERM application? || STEM OPT students filing OPT and green cards with multiple employers (renowned companies); impact of the size of the company on a green card petition; the impact of working remotely on OPT, H-1B, and green card ||

Other: Applying for green card during merger or acquisition of a company and update on the H-1B DOL wage hike rule || National Benefits Center I-485 processing times and address/mailing change || Checking ETA-9089 status || Can I get H-1 stamped on the Swedish passport while having an Indian passport? || H-4 extension without EAD || Will an H-1B petition be approved if the I-140 priority date becomes current before the petition is filed? || Recapture of days spent outside the U.S. while on H-1B, I-140 porting and AOS process ||

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