Recording for February 29, 2024 Conference Call with Rajiv S. Khanna

Discussion Topics:

H-1B visa port of entry and re-entry || H-1B grace period and expired I-94: Potential unlawful presence and future options || Two-year STEM OPT EAD issued incorrectly: What are the next steps for correction? || H-1B visa and laundromat investment: Balancing passive ownership and active involvement || EB-1A visa: Eligibility of international publications and awards || Green card application: Understanding the income requirements, EAD, and OPT for spouses of US citizens || Remarrying during I-751 with divorce waiver: Impact on pending green card application || Applying for green card sponsorship for parents with overstay: Eligibility concerns with parole entry || EB-1A denial, L-2 status expiring: Impact on EB-2 I-485 eligibility with unauthorised work || H-1B amendment pending: Travel with existing visa and LCA? || H-1B status and travel after resignation: Maintaining status, visa options and considerations || F-1 to H-1B transition: Potential gaps, visa options, and spouse's F-1 conversion || Green card application for niece with special guardianship order: Eligibility and process || Incorrect date of birth on son's green card: Correction options after issuance || H-1B selection and job change: Options after approval and before start date || STEM OPT EAD expiring: Eligibility to stay and work while awaiting marriage-based green card and EAD renewal

Immigration Law

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