Filling DS 156

I normally do not answer questions about filling out forms. But in this case, one of our community members has raised issues that I think are generic enough to be generally applicable. I am posting this for all of you who run into a similar situation. Regards to all. Rajiv.

I am trying to take an appointment for my wife to renew her H-4 visa since the dates are available right now. She came here on H4, switched in between to F-1 (change of status) but did not leave US, then got the new approval for change of status to H4 (after we filed for green card) and wants to get it stamped now. There is a bit of confusion on the DS-156 form that I have to fill out.

Qo1. Question 30. Have you ever been Issued a US Visa - Yes, but for the second part it says When - Does this have to be the date when the first H4 was stamped or the date the second change of status H4 approval notification came through. My understanding is that is the visa date when it was stamped. Can you confirm?
Ans1. The answer requires response only to the issuance of a visa  the stamp given by the US consulate. It does not refer to change of status. In your wife's case, she came to US on H-4 visa. That is what they are asking about. The fact the she later changed to F-1 and then back to H-4 status (but no other visas were obtained) is irrelevant.

Qo2. Also in the additional visa issuances section do we need to mention the change of status to F-1/H4 information (I would presume no since these were not visa stampings but change of status). Can you confirm?
Ans2. Change of status is not a visa. 

Qo3. Question 36: Has Anyone Ever Filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf ? Yes since my wife's name was on the I-140 as per your previous post. For the Part where it says by Who what should she enter - Spouses Company Name or Spouses name.
Ans3. I would answer your name.

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