TN Visa Services and Fees

Fee schedule for TN classification (fees are payable by personal check or money order ) 

Fee Type Amount Payable To Responsible for Fee
Legal Fee For Border Applications $1,800 Our Office Petitioner or Beneficiery
Legal Fee For Cases filed within the U.S.A $1,800 Our Office
Fedex Expenses $70 Our Office
Filing Fees (Form I-129) 


($510 for small employers and nonprofits )

Asylum Fee $600: For a company with 26 or more employees
$300: For a company with 25 or less employees
$0: For non-profit companies

Premium processing Fee
If petition is by way of premium processing, then there is an additional fee (can be paid by personal or corporate checks)



Department of Homeland Security
Fees payable at the port of entry, CBP, $50 - personal check or money order $50  

Note: For governmental Requests For Evidence (RFEs), we charge extra based upon the complexity of the issue(s).


Nonimmigrant Visas

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