C & D Visa Overview

"C" Nonimmigrant Visas - Transit Visas

The "C" visa is intended for those individuals whose travel takes them through the U.S., without intending to actually enter the U.S.

The specific visa codes are: 

  1. C-1 – Alien in transit directly through U.S.
  2. C-1D – Combined transit and crewman visa
  3. C-2 – Alien in transit to UN headquarters district under Section 11.(3), (4), or (5) of the Headquarters Agreement
  4. C-3 – Foreign government officials, members of immediate family, attendants, servants, or personal employees, in transit
  5. C-4 – Transit without Visa

Note: The Transit without Visa program has been suspended until further notice. See the related link on this page.

D Visa - Crewman

A foreign national serving in a capacity required for normal operations and service on board a vessel or aircraft. Crewmen are admitted for twenty-nine days, with no extensions. Two categories of crewmen are defined in the INA: D1, departing from the United States with the vessel or aircraft on which he arrived or some other vessel or aircraft; and D2, departing from Guam with the vessel on which he arrived.

Government Links

 This section focuses on articles and reports related to C and D visa from government agencies such as the USCIS, DOS, DHS, CBP and ICE.

  1. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) - DHS Announces Implementation Of Travel Restriction Provisions
  2. Department of State (DOS) - Crew List Visas, Waiver of Personal Appearance, and Facilitation of Individual C 1/D Applicaitons



Nonimmigrant Visas

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