P Visa FAQs

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 00:35

Australian Musician to perform in US


An Australian Musician that is wanting to come to US for a few weeks to travel and play at approx 15-20 venues across the US. I am willing to sponsor him via my DJ entertainment service, and he will be paid for the shows. He is a professional musician in his country, has been for 15 yrs.
Which visa would be required in this case?


A "B" visa is appropriate if the artist will not be paid in USA, other than for travel and incidental expense.

An "O-1" Visa is for an individual artist of International Renown - well known outside their home country. A "P-1" is for a performing group that meets the same standard.

"P-2" Visas are issued on reciprocal basis between countries. You may want to contact the US consulate to see if they have programs for Australia.

"P-3" Visas are for groups that are Culturally Unique - for instance, folk musicicians.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 14:07

P1 visa to green card


I have a P1 visa. Is there anyway to change this to a green card?


You may be able to apply for a green card if you meet the requirements of EB-1, aliens with extraordinary ability or based upon a job offer, and of course, if a family-based possibility exists

Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 07:14

Advise needed for replying visa


I am a traditional artist, visited US in 2005 with P3 visa and later I have visited with 10 years B-1/B-2 visa two more times. And on fourth time the immigration officer, deported me from NY airport, saying that you have not paid tax $6000- of my sold paintings in the US. and if you agree to volunteerily withdraw applicatition then we will allow you to come back with right working visa.And the problem is my wife is in US and has applied for asylum, so do you recommend me to reapply for working visa or wait untill my wife gets the green card and I am deported on may 2009.


If you withdrew your application, you were not deported. You could apply for a work visa.