EB-2 / EB-3 PERM Services and Fees


The fee schedule for green card through labor certifications as follows: 


Legal Fees (for our Office)


$6,800  ($3,200 for preparing the Labor Certification Application at the commencement of the case followed by $2,400 for preparing Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker; and $1,200 for preparing Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status/Consular Processing.

Note: We do not charge extra for responding to audits at the labor certification stage and responding to RFEs at the I-140 and I-485 stage. We also do not charge additional legal fees for filing and renewing EADs and APs for the entire family.

Legal Fee for labor certification has to be borne by the employer (only corporate checks). From I-140 stage onwards, legal fee can be paid by personal/corporate checks (Although the law is not settled, the trend of DOL rulings seems to suggest that an I-140 may be considered part of employer's normal business expenses. Accordingly, DOL could hold that the employer is responsible for an I-140 related attorney fees and expenses. Although DOL has not explicitly stated this by regulations, we must make employers aware that such a legal position is indeed a distinct possibility. We highly recommend that the employers should pay the I-140 expenses.)

2. Filing Fees (to the USCIS): Single Applicant
  I-140: $700
  I-485, I-765, I-131, Fingerprinting: $1225

Federal Express Expenses: approximately $400


Advertising Costs: approx. $1000-2000, (Please note that we provide the ad but do not place the ads)


Educational Evaluation: approx.$150-295


Expert opinion in case of an audit: approx. $300-500

Please note: If the application is likely to be complicated, we charge higher amounts for legal fees. Most cases fall in $6,800 range.
Note: The filing fee of $1225 includes fee for applications I-485, I-765, and I-131, and fingerprinting irrespective of whether I-765 and I-131 applications are submitted along with I-485.

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