USCIS Investigation Questions

Following is a list of questions recently asked by a USCIS investigator of an H-1B employee working at a client site. If you are a member of our compliance group of employers, attend the free conference call scheduled for employers only on 7th July 2011. Membership in the group is by invitation only.

1. What is your name?
2. Can see your ID card?
3. How long you are in US?
4. Have you been visited your home country?
5. Who are you currently employed with?
6. How long have you been with your employer?
7. What is your job title?
8. What are your wages?
9. What is your role in the current project?
10. Have you applied for green card?
11. Who is paying for green card and H1B?
12. What benefits does your employer provide?
13.How many employees does the employer have?
14. Do you get sick leave?
15. Are you using any software or hardware given by your employer?
16. Whom you are reporting to?
17. How do you update your employer about your task status and how often?
18. Does your employer evaluate your performance?
19. If yes, how and on what basis?
20. Who does your performance evaluation?
21. Send me the copy of evaluation, degree certificate and last paystub
22. Does your employer have any other employees placed at this client site?

Green Card


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