More TVU harassment -- students tagged and harassed in Virginia

Once again, the United States of America has shown its ugly face to the defenseless TVU students. I will give you this that the "United" States are highly fractured when it comes to immigration enforcement. The TVU handling shows that there is no coherent central directive on policy. Within the same office (for instance, in New Jersey), two officers realize the appropriate context and act moderately, while a third officer goes around ranting and raving and focusing the "full might of the US government" upon those who can do little against him. The buck must stop at the White House. It is obvious that the office of the President is far above domestic crises. That which could have been addressed with a stroke of a pen is left to fester unattended for months.

I am informed that two students in Virginia were tagged while a third was barely let go when he requested consideration because of the obvious possibility of shock and distress to his pregnant wife. One of the local Virginia schools has also informed me that one of their students was subjected to intense interrogation (without any basis), which included the ICE agent banging his fists on the wall.

My comment is only this: Shame!

I repeat excerpts from my earlier posts. The point, my friends, is not who is guilty. The point is ALL are innocent until we have assessed them fairly. Now, this may be considered an axiom from criminal law, not civil, and interestingly, removal from USA is a "civil" proceeding. But I submit to you all, that is just legal mumbo jumbo. When a person is handcuffed, tagged, incarcerated and intimidated, we are definitely in the same domain as criminal law. So, obeying the norms of civilization, we must assess the students without bias. Our letter to the President outlines all the defects in the law. I have nothing else to add. But where an agency such as ICE is given inappropriate amount of power, they then must be made appropriately responsible as well. I will be happy to talk it over with Joe in an open conference. My quarrel is not with the facts. They need to be established. My fight is against bureaucratic irresponsibility, oppressiveness and indifference.

Languishing in suspense for months awaiting trial or reinstatement is not a fair solution. Having to spend money for liberty or legal representation is not a fair solution. To be subjected to indignity is not a part of a fair solution. Why should we not try the authorities who permitted certification of TVU, its ongoing operation, mismanagement and finally untenable interpretation and application of law? There was no consideration given to the condition of the students. Why should they not be given a reasonable grace period? Where can a student come up with $15,000 bond? Why should a student be tagged or incarcerated? It is impossible to reconcile any one of these events with civilized behavior.

I will not be following this thread. So do not leave a message here. If Joe would so like, he is welcome to any of our conference calls. If I have indeed been his lawyer, he would know that I am fair, but I would never accept mean-mindedness, no matter who dishes it out - in this case, the government of this, my adopted, country. I just wish I had the power to do more.

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