USCIS to use Dunn & Bradstreet to verify petitioners in immigration matters

USCIS is launching a pilot program in July 2010 that will use Dun & Bradstreet databases to verify business information of employers who submit immigration related petitions. "Verification Instrument for Business Enterprises" (VIBE) is a tool intended to help combat immigration fraud, and to minimize RFE's regarding petitioners' business data and eventually to make submission of routine documentation unnecessary. VIBE will be used to verify a petitioner's ownership, date of establishment, current address, number of employees, business activities, and relationship with other entities, etc. In case of discrepancies between VIBE and the information contained in a petition, the employer will given an opportunity to explain the discrepancy. The full implementation of VIBE is expected to take place later in the year 2010. We are advising all corporate clients to verify and keep updated their D&B information.

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