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Parents Visitor Visa (B2) Interview - Chennai Consulate Tamil

I would like to share my parents visitor visa experience as it might help others who are in my situation.
They are not educated and doing Agriculture in their own land. They don't speak or understand anything other than TAMIL.


I am in US and I directly sent all the documents to a travel agent in Chennai who helped me to file DS-160 and organize documents for my parents.
My parents just prepared a affidavit document for their properties through an attorney and brought property papers along with them when they come for interview to Chennai.

Correcting I-94

I had a question about the H4 extension for my daughters.

My H1B visa is stamped until 10/05/2009 for my earlier employer A,when my current employer B transferred my H1B the new NOA had a validity date of May 2010.
My daughters have a valid H4 visa until May 2010

When I returned back from a visit to India back to the US the official at the Port of entry stamped our I-94 until the expiry of the H1B visa for Emp A for oct '2009 for the whole family.

Detailed Visa Appointment Procedure

Appointments' procedures for all non-immigrant visas are the same. This is from my personal experience in Nov 2005.

Step 1.
Make the two payments - either by DD or cash at the designated branch of HDFC bank. Take copy of passport along. Get receipt of the payment. There'll be a barcode sticker on the receipt which will also have the number which will be your receipt no. for all future references. This can be done by the individual applying for the visa or any representative but should carry the Passport copy of the individual travelling.