AOS Interview Experiences at San Jose

United States
I havent posted my interview experience elsewhere, so am just going to write it in here. I must say that I was not too prepared for the interview (esp compared to most of you), since I had been traveling all that week, and since I am basically lazy
My interview was for 9am, so we reached the DO 15 min before 9. There was no line at security, and we quickly made our way to the upstairs waiting room. I must say that the security guy here was much nicer than the ones at the front.
There were only 3-4 people in the room when we got there, and we put our appt letter in the slot alloted. In 5 min or so, we were called in.
Our immigration officer seemed to be a serious kind of person, and both me & my husband were very nervous. Anyway, I told him that my name was misspelt in the NOA & interview letter, and he said that he noticed that I had called etc about it.
Then he took us to his room, and swore us in. Asked some of the questions from the application, got us to complete some stuff in there that we hadnt filled out etc. He wanted to know if my ex husband had filed a petition for me, and I misunderstood - thought he was asking about the divorce petition. Anyway, since my ex was not a US citizen, we quickly disposed of that question.
Then he asked for proof of marriage. I gave him our marriage cert, and he was amused that we were married on July 4th. My husband said that it was so that its easy for him to remember our anniversary, and I said that this way we get fireworks for our anniversary He laughed and talked about how he spent his 4th of July weekend, and I think from that point on the tension was dissipated. He asked for income statements etc, and we did not have anything more up to date from what we had submitted earlier (my bad), but he was okay with it. He asked us about how we met etc, and we told him. I could see he was amused He then asked for pictures, and made some copies of the same, even though we offered to give him a couple. he made a copy of our house deed & took some of the receipts. Took a copy of my H1 approval doc also...
Then he said that he is going to make a decision at the end of the day (my heart sank at that point, but my husband thought nothing of it since the officer seemed to be fine with our stuff). He said that we should get the approval letter in a week, and the card soon after (and also that we could come in to get the passport stamped once we have the approval letter). He told us about the removal of conditions, and the kind of proof we should submit then.
Then he stood up indicating that our interview was done. We told him that we had tons of pictures more for him to see & he laughed saying that he wished he had more time to go over them!!
And that was about it.... We were back in our car by 9:14am
Later that day my online case status changed to "and interview took place etc etc", and the next day there was another LUD, and the 485 status "disappeared". Now we are waiting for the letter.
Ari, if you can let us know when you get an email notification or letter, that would be great, since I am in the same DO as you, and my interview was a day after.
Thanks to all of you for helping through this process

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