AOS Visa Interview at Denver

United States

Had my interview today and the officer who was a lady was awesome. Very friendly and she had no hidden agenda to try and prove our marriage wrong. This is how interviews for this should be versus some of the horror stories you hear.

The only document she asked for was to see originals of: marriage cert, birth cert of me and spouse. She then asked for any documents I had showing joint documents: I handed her bank acc, and medical document showing joint memberships. Thats it!! She didnt even ask to see 1 photograph!! She took I-94.

She couldnt approve my case as they were waiting for an old labour application I had processed. They had requested the file. She called me back that afternoon saying they could not find the file in their system and that she was going to approve my case. Wow, I was impressed!
This was in the Denver Office.

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