AOS Interview Today - Approved!

United States

yeaaaahh..i am so happy and that wouldnt have been possible w/o this forum and all the help I have received!

Well, our interview was at 8:15 am in Dallas DO. We got there at 7:00 and the security guard told us that we are too early, come back at 7:45. So, my husband, MIL, FIL, SIL and me went to get some coffee, came back at 7:45 and they let us in. My name got called in at 8:30 am. So all five of us got up and the interviewer (a lady) said that only my hubby and i could go in. my FIL was going to be the co-sponsor (b'cuz my husband just started working a year and a half ago, so we didnt have all the last 3 yrs tax returns), so the lady took the docs from him and we went inside her office.

She swore us in, then asked us for our DL. my husband and i gave it to her. Then she asked for my passport and I-94. She asked me where i was from (India). My husband is an american (well, "white" ) so she said did my parents have a prob with that, b'cuz our culture is to have arranged marriages? i was taken aback cuz i didnt expect that question, and i told her how my parents were really happy about it and didnt mind to have a non-indian so-in-law. she asked my hubby the same question and said if he was aware of arranged marraige situation and what was his reaction to that? my hubby gave her the answer. she asked how we met and my hubby told her everything about that. all this while she was writing on a piece of paper bout what all we were saying.

She asked for all my INS status documents. I gave her the I-20, H1-B and other receipts. She said that my in-laws who were waiting outside seemed really eager to come inside and she's really sorry she couldnt let them. she said but it shows how much theylove you. Shealso said it was very sweet of my FIL to be the co-sponsor but there is no need b'cuz my husnabd's income and tax returns are enuf. She said it was really nice of them to come over with me . My husband told her that he was surprised his sister was up so early and made soem stupid joke and lady laughed.

She then asked my husband if it ever occured to him that i was marrying him for the greencard. my husband told her that well, it that were true, she could have done a lot better than me. at this pt, the lady started laughing. he told her that anyways, i had started my greencard application thru employment so i would have got my GC sooner or later w/o him. The interviewer was very happy with that and she had my GC application receipt thru employment.

She told us that our case is approved. and tfter she's like oh can i get some copies of ur car insurance, bank statements, ect? So i gave her our car-insurance since we have been married, bank statements, car loan, lease to which she said that its more than she needs. And oh, on seeing all my organized and labeled folders, she commented how well-prepared i was and she liked it. After that she again told us that our case was approved and that i should receive my GC within 30 days. She took my I-94, EAD, and AP. She did not stamp the passport and said they have stopped doing that unless its an emergency.

As I was collecting up my things I told her I had got my albums as well as i didnt know what to expect. She's like oh let me see all of them. I had three albums including our wedding album and she looked at every photograph and told my husband how happy his family looked and that they seem to love me a lot.

Then she wished us all the best and thats about it.

Our whole family was so happy. I am so relieved now. But it just occured to me that she didnt ask for our marraige certificate copy or my birth certificate or anything. is that weird?

But thank you to all of you.. I couldnt have done this w/o this forum. It was better to be over prepared than under prepared!


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