Boston MA - N-400 Interview Experience

United States

I had my interview at the JFK Building, Boston. My appointment time was around 8am. I got there at 7:30. I was called in at around 9 am. It was a standard interview. I took oath to tell the truth. He asked for my GC, Passport and proof that I had registered for selective service. That is all he asked for. 

We went through the N-400 first. He was very detailed. Chatted about my work in between. I had already prepared my travel log since the time of my application and he added that as an addendum to my application. After that we did the civics exams.

Who was the first president? 
What is one thing expected of us as US citizens? 
Who is the governor of Mass? 
Where is the statue of liberty? 
Two other, which I forgot. They were easy though.

Then I to read " Who lives in the white house?" and write "The president lives in the White House?"

After that he made me sign the N-400, worked on his computer for 10 mins and gave me the approval letter. He said most probably I would have my oath in Faneuil Hall.

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