I had my interview appointment this morning

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United States

Waited about 30 mins, got called ...

Questions asked: 1. Who wrote declaration of independence, 2. which state bordering Mexico, 3. Name three states part of original 13 states, 4. Who is Pres of U.S, 5. Which party he belongs, 6. Name the two political parties in US.
Asked to read: There are 50 states in US, and then write the same sentence.

After that he went through my application, I answered everything truthfully, a long laundry list of my tickets and stuff with extra sheets attached. The officer was a very polished person, I asked him, he said he was an Attorney, wow!

Well, tomorrow is my oath. A special thanks to everyone on this forum, you guys are all great. And best of wishes to our friend rjackal here on this february thread, and I am sure your tomorrow experience would be even greater ....

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Citizenship and Naturalization: