I passed my interview today

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United States

I passed my interview today. It started exactly on time (1:30 pm). The officer (middle-aged lady) was very nice and friendly. I liked that when I came 30' prior the interview, she called out another person, but also called my name and said, "You would be the next". When my turn came, she let me in, asked to raise my hand and swear to say truth. Then the test came. Reading: How many Senators are there in the U.S.? Writing: There are one hundred Senators in the U.S.
American history & Civics questions were the following.
1) What is the name of the National Anthem?
2) What is the "rule of law"?
3) What ocean is on the West Coast of the US?
4) Why there are 13 stripes on the US flag?
5) How old citizens have to be to vote for President?
6) What major event happened on September 11?
(I do not remember exactly the order of the questions).
Then the IO went through the N-400 questions, focusing on spelling of my middle name, asking questions about my work and professional membership (I showed her all my membership cards and briefly described each society I have been a member& an officer of), then she asked me about my ex-husband - I told that he had never had been in the US. She asked me about my son, and since I said I had always been working long hours, she asked who had been taking care of him (myself, who else???) After that she asked standard yes/no questions, asked me to sign the document, and then recommended for approval. All interview lasted 20'.

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