Interview Experience @Denver, Colorado

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United States

I had scheduled Citizenship interview at 8:10 A.M. today, i went in around 7:20 A.M. and there were around 10 people before me. I had to wait for 10 mins and my name was called by the IO. The IO took me to his office and told me to raise my right hand and asked me that i am telling all but truth. I said "I DO"

He asked me for GC and Driving License and opened my file and went through the application and asked me my full name, address, telephone number on the form and asked me when was the last time i traveled outside the US and went through pretty much whatever i put in my application, it took approx. 5 mins to go over my application. I had took file with many additional document, i wasn't asked for any document, even the passport??

He printed out 10 question for the history test and asked me 6 question from it and i answered all and he said "Congratulation" and he gave me sentence to read and sentence to write.

After that he said, congratulation, you have passed the interview and gave that N-652 and told me to expect oath letter in 3 weeks and also told me that next oath ceremony will be around March end or April.

He commented that "I wish i can get people like you, it is pretty easy breezy" and i walked out of the room around 7:50 A.M. with smile on my face.


08/28/2007 N-400 Received
08/28/2007 Priority Date
12/19/2007 FP done
01/15/2008 IL received
02/12/2008 Interview Date
????? Oath letter
????? Oath appointment

Citizenship and Naturalization: