Consular processing Interview at Montreal

United States
Hi, I would like to share my experience of our interview in US consular in Montreal. Our appointment was schedule on June 20th 2011 at 8h30am. We arrived at the US consular at 8h00am and we got our interview only at 11h00am as there was a lot of peoples waiting in front of us. The interview went well. The typical questions are: How long have you been working? When did you apply for the visa? Confirmed the country of birth? How long have you been leaving in Canada? Confirmed your current address?

The documents needed for the interview: 2 pictures, employment letter and updated police certificate which we don’t have at the time of the interview but the officer let us go because we have a Nexus Pass. Ouff.. But I recommend you to have updated police certificate anyway. To get the police certificate, you will need to go to 1 of the 4 locations in Montreal which specialize in background check. The officer did not asked for our 2010 tax statement.

Thing that change from the previous post is US consular does not issues visa along with your passport the next day anymore. You need to register for a DHL location within CANADA only. We choose Richmond, BC as we work in Seattle. It take about 4-5 days for the passport to be delivered to DHL office. When the passport is ready for pickup and if you have register for DHL drop off location, you should received email confirmation that you package is ready for pickup.

For people that are flying from the State, my recommendation is to allow 2 weeks after the interview date to schedule your returned flight or buy an open return tickets.

In the package, you will see you passport along with the visa stamp on it and a sealed envelope. Do not open the envelope. The envelop should only be open by US officer at the border.
It took 1 hours to complete the whole process at the border.

Good luck all
EB3 Priority date September 01 2005

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