Experience about issuance of interim EAD at Dallas office

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United States

Wanted to share my experience about issuance of interim EAD at Dallas office. I had filed EB-2 NIW petition and I485/765 concurrently in June. Since I did not hear from USCIS, went to Dallas office on Nov 20 at 8 am; got our number ticket by 9am; hwent in and sat down. The nos dont really go in order, but we got called about 12.45; the officer just wanted receipt notices of I485 and I 765; she called TSC to confirm pendency of the applications and then came back and said she will issue 8 month interim EAD's for my wife and me. The only documents needed were as above and a new I765 application filled out. She sent us to support center a mile away where we were promptly called and a picture was taken and EAD issued for a year! We were done at 2 pm. The staff at Dallas office seems to be really nice.

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