Passport stamped only 3 days after interview day

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United States

Hi everyone, I just got my passport stamped today and I am so happy, that's why I come here to share with you guys. 
I had my interview on Feb 8,16
Feb 10 afternoon I saw my status of my case changed to approval ( so happy) they said that they gonna send me a notice letter
But I have a trip on Feb 16. And I am sure there is no way it can come before that. 
So I keep go to infopass web site and book appoinment. However, only Feb 24 is available( super nervous)
I keep try to come again about 4h30pm-5h30pm ( this time system updated) And SUPER lucky . Someone had canceled their appoinment so only 1 slot on Feb 11 is available and I got that one. 
Then I brought
-Flight ticket+ receipt
-Appoinment confirmation of infopass
-Picture of the uscis web shows that my case is approved ( because I dont have notice letter or eveb email confirm)
Anyway I got my passport stamped only 10'

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