Filing for Permanent Residency

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United States

I am originally from Maryland and I met my husband when I was attending college in Houston, TX. After I completed college, I moved back up to Maryland to spend time with my family and I also got a very good opportunity to work, in Washington D.C. My husband and I decided to get Married in February 2002, and I decided to move back to Houston so we could start our lives together. By the time I could wrap things up in Maryland and finally move to Houston it was August 2002. Our biggest concern with regards to our case was that we had lived apart for about 4 months after marriage and would this create an issue with USCIS. In the end it was not really a concern because we stayed apart because of work reasons and because I was looking for a transfer from my Company to Houston.

One other question that we had was whether USCIS would take long to process the work permit and travel papers for my husband. The Houston USCIS office was very prompt to process these papers and we received all our documents on time from the USCIS. Because these work permits expire after one year you have to file the renewal applications on time to receive your replacement permit on time.

Other than the above mentioned concerns, our process was very smooth. We regularly kept checking the USCIS website for updates and processing times. It is a very good website and we downloaded all our forms from the site. Additionally we had maintained a separate file for all the paperwork with regards to our case. This helped us a lot as all the necessary documents were in one place. Secondly, whenever we mailed anything to the USCIS offices, we made sure that it was certified along with a return receipt. This helps your mail get to the USCIS on time and you also get a receipt when USCIS receives your mail.

My husband here on an F-1 had filed for his permanent residency in the Houston USCIS office after we had gotten married and I am a US citizen. Before we filed our petition we had contacted Mr. Rajiv Khanna's office for assistance with our case. Mr. Rajiv emailed us the necessary forms and advised us that since I was a US citizen that this would be a clear cut case and asked me to file my own application forms. The entire process lasted close to 2 years and my husband has now been approved for his green card.

It was a fairly simple process and Mr. Rajiv Khanna was always quick to answer any questions that we had. At this point I would like to mention that before we contacted Mr. Khanna's office we had contacted a couple of lawyers about our case. We had to pay a pretty high consultation fee just to get to speak to these lawyers. Mr. Khanna's office, on the other hand, provided us with free advice and Mr. Rajiv's sincerity and honesty in this profession really overwhelmed us. I would highly recommend the law offices of Rajiv Khanna for any immigration related matter.

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