Finally US Citizen!!!!!

United States

Finally the last Friday, Jan 17th I became an American Citizen, it's was a easy, quickly and simple ceremony at 26 Federal Plaza, I was request to be there at 11:00 am, when arrive to the place a big line inside was waiting for me but was fast, them I went to the 3rd floor, make another line with my letter and GC, a few minutes later I was lil interview about the questions on the letter and give my GC to the officer, them somebody show me my seat, almost full with like 150 people from 57 diferent countries. The ceremony start with the National Anthem and after 30 minutes approximately I'd my certificate in hands. Thanks America for this amazing opportunity. 

My FO is NYC 
June 13/13 send my N-400
June 19/13 received
June 28/13 approve and receipt number 
June 28/13 send fingerprint letter ( update) 
July 1/13 receive fingerprint letter 
July 19/13 Walk in fingerprint appointment 
July 23/13 in line for schedule interview ( update) 
Nov 8/13 schedule interview ( update) 
Nov 12/13 received interview letter 
Dec 16/13 walk in interview 26 Federal Plaza
Jan 2/14 oath ceremony place in oath scheduling que ( update) 
Jan 6/14 oath ceremony schedule notice sent ( update)
Jan 9/14 Oath ceremony letter receive (Jan 17/14)
Jan 17/14 Oath Ceremony 
Jan 28/14 Applied for Passport 
Feb 21/14 I got my Passport (without expedite service in 3 weeks)

Thanks a lot!!!

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