FNU Problem

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United States

Hai all... thought this might help someone trying to find some information for this FNU problem...First of all i had multiple problems....

1. My name was not bifurcated properly in the passport.My First name including my surname was printed under Given name in the passport. Hence it became a very long name under first name in passport.
2. As you are all aware, if you do-not have a surname in the passport, the consulate gives the name in the VISA page as FNU and the actual name fully under last name.
3. Well..... now when i went to apply for SSN, they agreed to issue me a SSN with my name matching the VISA page(i.e Mr.FNU xxxxx)Then came the problem...Guess what.....my name was soo long that it would not fit under last name in the system that SSN had. Also the system would not accept the name if it does not match the USCIS details(i.e as in VISA).
4. After a lottof discussion and struggle the officer got a way out for me.....She managed to get-through/bypass the USCIS and entered my details and issued a SSN for me... The SSN officer was really kind enuff to get a way out for me.... Now my name in the SSN would be as it is in passport and not as in VISA page.... well a big sigh of relief..... was getting really tough for me to handle this..... as it would have become really complicated....we'lll still have to get my drivers license... not sure what come next....
Gud luck all......

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