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I needed to make an infopass appointment to get my passport stamped in the Dallas, TX Office. After trying to make an appointment for 2 weeks, it occurred to me to research and see if others were experiencing the same thing. I came across this forum and a few others where people posted their experiences and success stories with this crazy infopass appointment system. 

As suggested, I tried from 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm or so. I think I tried 500 exaggeration! I was successful at 12:08 am for an appointment 14 days later. There were many slots available. I later realized that date didn't work for me and wanted to reschedule. I tried the following morning and there were no available appointments. I tried again at 12:02 am and got through again. I wanted to make sure to secure a new appointment before canceling my original one. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that on both occasions after I selected my appointment time, I was somehow rerouted to the front infopass page, then I couldn't get back in. I then deleated the cookies on my phone and got through. I remembered someone posted that. Not sure if that was the solution, but both times I got through after I did that. 

So, I guess my suggestion is to try to schedule your appointment after 12 am. Good luck all!

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