GC Interview Seattle DO

United States

The interview took place @ 11:45 a.m. but we had been there for over an hour. There were at least another 50 couples waiting and as some couples left new couples would arrive, so the room had about 100 people waiting at all times.

Our IO was a really nice, young, fashionable and very serious Asian lady. Very tiny too she called us to her office introduced herself, and asked us to raise our right hands and swear that we would be telling only the true today. She asked if we had our IDs and passports with us, and I presented her with the file I had prepared for the interview. She verified that the address was still valid. The questions were:
Where did you meet?
Were you a student at that time?
What school were you attending to?
What was your major?
What was the name of the school you graduated from?
Did you have an engagement ceremony?
Did you have a reception?
To petitioner: Where did you work before? (We moved to Seattle from Michigan, and that's where we met.)
What documents do you have that can prove you have common assets or a relationship?

These questions were not asked just one after the other, but as part of a very formal conversation, and they were not asked to either one of us, so one of us would start the story, and the other one would continue...

At the end she took the following documents: joint accounts bank statements, car insurance, joint Amex statement, and corporate health insurance indicating our married status (and me as beneficiary because I'm still job hunting.) Finally, she looked at some pictures, but didn't keep any with her. Her feedback was very positive, she said she didn't need the pictures because they rather see the people interacting during the interview. She said that people's behavior tells a lot more than the pictures.

It was very smooth, and I'm certain we've got approved: now the question is when will we get the notification. She said we should hear from them in 2 weeks, but I'm hoping for next Tuesday.

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