Interview Experience for DV 2013 AOS

United States

OK, did our interview today (FO: Chatsworth, CA) - here is a brief summary:
- there were a lot of people and we were called in approx. 2 hours after our original appointment time. The officer was very nice and apologized for the long wait.
- he asked us very few questions, since all paperwork was in our files 
- he made copies of our IDs and passports
- double checked our electronic file
- he secured a DV # for us and provided us with a welcome letter 
- said that the GC will arrive in three weeks, but most likely earlier 

In a nutshell: quite a long wait before the interview (expect your appointment time to be an approximate), very nice, courteous, and well versed in DV cases officer, very few questions, and we did not have to prove/provide anything in addition to what was already in our file. 

As you can see in my signature and earlier posts, our interview was scheduled one month and 22 days after the AOS packet was received, we have yet to receive our EAD and AP, and we did a bio walk-in almost three weeks before it was originally scheduled. 

Our case status now changed for acceptance to decision. 

We will now be awaiting the arrival of the mailman everyday  

Again, thank you for all the help and assistance and we wish you all good luck. If we can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to PM us.

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