H-1 Visa Interview in Canada

Quratulain Khan
United States

hi all,
i think my experience might help others so i m writing it down.
my husband and i came to toronto canada on sep, 6th 2005 (yes 2 days ago).
we had our interview appointment on sep, 7 9:00 am.
my husband came to US from pakistan in 1999 on a student visa. He did his masters and then got a job in Houston. He is a mechanical enigineer.
we got married in 2002 and got our first H1 stamped from islamabad, pakistan.
it took about 2 months to get the visa in pakistan at that time.
now we came to canada. my husbands office arranged everything for us. the visa appointment....paper work etc etc
the interview went smooth.
the visa officer said everything looks perfect BUT...we will have to run a background check on you.
and it will take 2-3 weeks to do that.
we asked her y?
and she told us...that my husband's name is one of those names...that r common (arabic names) ...thats y
now we r stuck here....for an indefinite time.
my husbands company lawyer assured us before we came here that our case wont take more then 1-2 days.
i would call this a pure case of racisim.
that they just saw the name and did this to us.
they didnt even care that we have a 2 year old son with us.
we are really worried at the moment as we have our appartment + car and all the other stuff in US. then my husbands job is at risk too.
dont know what to do.
plz pray and be careful everyone.

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