H-1B stamp renewal

United States
I went to Pakistan in January 2006 to renew my H1B stamp. My passport was about to expire, so first I applied for passport and got a new biometric passport. I went there for marriage, so was very busy in it. After the marriage I applied for H1 and H4 at the same time in February 2006. There wasn’t any interview date for H1 visa in Islamabad. We went to Islamabad for interview on February 23rd 2006. The interviewer asked couple of routine questions to me and just asked two question to my wife, which I replied. First question was, can she speak English? I replied “No”. Second question Has she ever be in USA before? I replied “No”. That’s the only questions she (interviewer) asked about my wife.

She (interviewer) asked me the following thing, approved I-979 (Notice of action), Marriage certificate (both in Urdu as well as translated in English) and Offer letter from the employer with salary on it. That’s all she asked to me, not a single pay stub, company profile, Tax return, W2, marriage photographs nothing.

Then she said to me your application has been approved, but there is some administrative process and it may take 4 weeks. You will get your passport in 4 weeks. After that she further added, actually you may get it in 2 weeks, but usually we said 4 weeks to all the applicants.

To my surprise I got the security clearance in just 5 days on Feb 28th 2006 (This date was written on the visa stamp on my passport that security clearance received on Feb 28th 2006). I got my passport back literally within 10 calendar days.

Here is some more info about the cases. I don’t know weather any one of this will make any change in the security clearance process or not.

I got my first H1B after the 9/11. I don’t know this may create any difference or not, but few of my friends said that they have already did security clearance on you when you applied the first time.

My wife didn’t change her last name, and she is still using her father name in her passport, H4 visa and medical insurance. Therefore it is not necessary to change the wife last name before applying for a H4 visa.

Both I and my wife had biometric passport.

I was (and am) never be out of status in the USA for a single day (for a single second )

I had a return ticked with me of April 2006 (Yes I was on long unpaid vacations) and at the visa application form, I wrote that I want to come to USA on April 5th 2006 (Date of my return ticket).

I had already applied for Labor Certificate 11 months ago (Applied for Labor on March 2005 using pre PERM process).

I-140 (using EB2 LC sub) (TSC) ROW
PD = June 30th 2006
RD = 24/01/2007
ND = 29/01/2007
Upgrade to PP = 19/04/2007
AD = 25/04/2007

I-485, I-131, I765 (TSC)
RD 06/07/2007
ND 06/21/2007
LUD (I-485) 06/24/2007, 07/14/2007, 07/30/2007, 07/31/2007, 08/07/2007 (Card Production Order), 08/08/2007 (Approval Notice Sent), 08/09/2007, 08/10/2007 (Card Mailed), 0812/2007, 08/13/2007
FP 07/13/2007, (Card Recv) 08/17/2007
LUD (I-765) 06/24/2007, 07/31/2007
LUD (I-131) 08/12/2007, 08/20/2007

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